Saturday, January 3, 2009



Situated atop the Nilachal hill (blue mountain) in Guwahati, Assam.

The temple is structured like a beehive shikhara with sculptured panels and images of Hindu deities.

Consists of 3 major chambers, the middle chamber leading to an underground cave containing a natural spring symbolizing the ‘yoni’.

The main temple consists of the pitha of goddess Kamakhya and two shrines of Laksmi and Sarasvati nearby. The Kamakhya temple complex also consists of
Goddess Kali, Tara, Bagala, Chinnamasta, Bhuvanesvari, Bhairavi and Dhumavati.

Constructed in 1565 by Chilarai of the Koch dynasty.

It is a shaktipith.

Devoted to the Goddess Shakti.

Important pilgrimage centre for Hindu and tantric worshippers.

In the summers, when the spring water turns red, the Ambubasi festival is held.

Worshiping still includes sacrifices and every morning, a goat is offered to the goddess.

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