Saturday, January 3, 2009


Located in the small town of Palampet which is at a distance of about 77 km from Warangal.

The temple is an excellent illustration of remarkable Kakatiya art.

It is referred to as the “brightest star in the galaxy of medieval temples in the Deccan”.

From an inscription in the temple itself, one comes to know, that the temple was constructed in the year 1213 during the reign of the Kakatiya ruler Ganapati Deva.

It has within some very exquisite sculptures.

The Ramappa Temple is perhaps the only temple in the whole of India which is named after its sculptor Ramappa.

The bricks that have been used to build the Ramappa Temple are so light that they can float on water. In spite of that the strength of the bricks should never be undermined for even after the passage of so many years the Ramappa Temple still stands strong.

Three shrines dedicated to Rudreswara, Kateswara and Kameswara are there in the Ramappa Temple but the latter two are in ruins. A shikhara crowns this temple which stands on a 6 ft high platform. There are umpteen beautifully carved pillars.

A nine feet high Nandi Bull greets one at the entrance of the temple premises, the walls and ceilings covered with intricate carvings that depict stories from the Puranas and Indian mythology.

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