Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Padubidri Brahmasthana
Padubidri Brahmasthana, one of the most sacred places in the South Kanara region, is very close to Mangalore city. Amidst a dense forest the deity 'Khadgeshwari' or so called goddess Vanadurga resides. Dakkebali held once in every two years is one of the major events held in this region. Dakke, a small instrument, made of bronze and leather, is first placed in the holy place and then played
by the possessed pathri moving spherically. Devotees carry their offerings, called 'Pude' in Tulu language, from the famous Padubidri Maha Ganapathi temple to the Brahmasthana, in a long procession, spanning more than a Kilometer.
This kind of a bi-annual worship is held during the certain nights starting from usually 14th January to 2nd week of March, except during the year when ' Paryaya Utsava' at Udupi is held. People who come to view this kind of an event are served with tasty and traditional food. During 'Naga Mandala' if any of the attendees goes back to their places with some kind of dissatisfaction over the event, then the entire event is believed to be fruitless for those persons.This ritual always starts in the night and continues till dawn. At the end, the entire decoration around is pulled apart and everything on it, including tender coconut, flowers, fruits are offered to all the crowded devotees.
Dakkebali and Nagamandala celebration indicates a divine union of male and female Serpents. This is believed to make these snake gods happy and shower blessings to the people who conduct it.

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