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Chikka Thirupathi

Sri Prasanna Venkateshwara Temple

Sri Prasanna Venkateshwara Temple situated in Chikka Thirupathi place in between Bangalore and Malur in Kolar District and it is 40 Km from Bangalore.

The Sthala Puranams says that It is said that the main idol of Lord Prasanna Venkateshwara was installed by Lord Agni the god of fire. The temple is linked to the great epic Mahabharata's Kandava Dhana Kandam, at the end of Dwaparayuga Lord Agni developed severe stomach problems and indigestion after accepting "Havis" (offerings) from the various yagnas performed during those days. He then went to the Arjuna and Lord Sri Krishna for a solution.

Arjuna suggested that Lord Agni take advantage of the medicinal herbs present in the Kandava forest by eating it whole. Lord Agni did so and during the burning both Arjuna and Krishna guarded the forest so that no one could stop the forest fire. But unfortunately the King of snakes Takhsaka who was trapped in the forest got injured in the fire. An angry Takhsaka cursed Agni and therefore he lost his tejas (brightness).

Lord Agni then approached Lord Shiva from help. Shiva advised that he pray and invoke Lord Vishnu's blessings. As advised by Lord Shiva Agni prayed Lord Vishnu. And our Abhadbhandava Lord Vishnu was able to free him from the curse. A grateful Agni then did the Prathistai of the idol named Prasanna Venkateshwara and built a temple for the Bhagvan The main idol is made from Krishna shila (black rock), about three-and-a-half feet tall and is perched on padma peetam Here i remember a Tamil Proverb the Moorthy Serithu analum Keerthi Perithu that means Even thought the moorthy is small but its fame is great.

There are two unique features of this temple one is that the right hand of the lord is held in an upward mudra called ‘abhay hasta’ while the hand of the Lord in Tirumala is in a downward mudra called ‘Vaikuntha hasta.’ At Chikka Tirupathi the lord is standing with his consort Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi, and there are no separate sanidhi for Goddess Padmavati. The second unique feature is during the Rathotsava a seventy-feet tall wooden chariot is made every year. This similar system exists only in Jagannatha Temple situated at Puri in Orissa

Since the place is considered as an alternative to Tirupathi Thimmappa , the ritual of tonsuring the heads among the devotees is also held here and similar festivals are celebrated. The Brahmotsava or the annual festival is held in large scale as it is held in at Tirupathi. Similarly Rathotsava, Puspapalakki, Ashwavahana and Rathasaptami festivals are celebrated here. The Navaratri, Vaikunta Ekadasi and Dhanumasa are the other major festivals celebrated.

Inscriptions says that a Chola king named Janmajaya also visited the temple in 11th century.

To visit the temple one has to take the road to go to Airport , then to Marthahalli then Hope Farm cross near Whitefield and take a right turn at Channasandra ( Famous land mark is M V J College of Engineering) . Channasandra is on NH-207. One then has to travel toward Saniatamallasandra, Ettukodi and Kalkunte Agrahara to reach Chikka Tirupathi.

The Temple Timings are Daily Morning 8.00 Am to 12.00 Pm and Evening 5.30 Pm to 8.30 Pm.

Please contact anyone of the following for the sevas listed above.

Sri G Narasimha Murthy Bhattar,
Sri Prasanna Venkateshwara Temple
Chikka Thirupathi , Pin : 563 156 Kolar District,
Karnataka India

The temple's address is:
Sri Prasanna Venkateshwara Temple
Chikka Thirupathi , Pin : 563 156 Kolar District,
Karnataka India

Sri G Narasimha Murthy Bhattar Tel + 091 08151 238467 may be contacted here. If any Seva is to be conducted, a week's time should suffice to make arrangements.


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