Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chowdeshwari Temple, shivanasamudra.

This devi temple has become famous recently after it got shown in the famous TV serial HEEGU UNTE.
This temple is famous as there is a srichakra installed by Sri Adi shankara infront of the Devi.
Folklore says that for all of your problems, the solutions is here.
You have to visit this temple and tell the devi ur problems thro the pujari, who will cover the srichakra with kumkum and rubs a lemon over it.
Then wordings are seen over the srichakra which the pujari will deciper for you, and what must be done for warding off your problems.
Visit in weekdays are weekends have become too crowded.

You can reach this temple which is very near to shivanasamudra, near Mysore.

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Unknown said...

Its a place near shivanasamudra need to go temple called prasanna meenakshi temple