Saturday, January 3, 2009


Located in Sringeri, Karnataka

Twelve pillars in this temple mark the 12 zodiac signs, and the sun`s rays fall on each of them in the order of the solar months.

The temple has ruby images of Venugopala and Srinivasa and a Nandi made out of a large pearl.

This temple combines the Hoysala and Dravida architectural features. It stands on a richly sculptured basement. There are six doorways leading into the temple.

Vidyashankara of Vidyathirtha, who was the head of this Peetham for a period of 105 years from 1228 CE to 1333 CE is considered to be one of the greatest Gurus of this Peetham.

The temple features 61 images carved in bas relief, of various scenes from the puranas. Buddha is depicted as one of the incarnations of Vishnu here.

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