Saturday, January 3, 2009



Situated on top of a plateau, near the town of Anantnag.

It is the most memorable and beautiful work of King Lalitaditya which he built in honor of the Sun God or Bhaskar.

Lalitaditya was a Kshatriya of Surya (Solar) dynasty. The style of the construction of the temple and the skill exhibited in its construction is rare in the history of the world.

It has a colonnaded courtyard, with the shrine in its center. Built with 84 columns, the temple offers a magnificent view of the Kashmir valley.

Martand holds a very high place in the world`s great architectural designs and is considered to be an example of the Kashmiri architectural skill.

This temple has been built with strong and square limestones and exhibits the pillars of Greek pattern.

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