Saturday, January 3, 2009



Situated alongside the Vivekananda Bridge north of Kolkata.

The temple is a large elongated building standing on a high platform with a flight of stairs leading to the Ganga (Hooghly river) which flows beside the temple.

Has 12 shrines dedicated to the aspects of Shiva along the riverfront, a temple to Radha-Krishna and a shrine to Rani Rashmoni.

Apart from the nine-spired main temple, the compound contains a large courtyard with rooms along the boundary walls.

Has been built in conventional Nava-ratnastyle
Built by Rani Rasmaniin the 19th century.

Sri SriRamakrishna Paramahamsadevahad worshipped Goddess Kali at this place and had done his sadhana at the adjacent Panchavati Garden.

Dedicated to the goddess Kali, it is a world famous pilgrimage spot.

Is one of the largest temples in Kolkata.

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